Disable Embed Autoplay

So yesterday I got annoyed at some auto playing music when visiting a blog and I couldn’t find a userscript to disable it so I coded my own. I actually read more of the Dive Into Greasemonkey documentation this time and added it to my userscript page.

Hmmm just tried it in Opera and it didn’t really work. Oh well will modify some other time since I still use Firefox most of the times (still haven’t made a transition back to Opera yet, I blame inertia). Still wondering how to manage these little projects of mine (I should update the projects page…), wondering if should but it on a separate blog/host (currently using brother’s web host for http://thewheatfield.org subdomains but using WordPress.com for the http://blog.thewheatfield.org), unsure of how to make things accessible while keeping things low for maintenance purposes. Suggestions are always welcome

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