UBDFM Android App Version 1.5

Today sees the release of the unofficial UBDFM Android app that allows you to stream the online radio station right from your Android device (requires Android 2.2 and later).


Note: when listening via headphones, you will hear audio mostly from one side due to the stream from UBDFM not being balanced.

Hope you guys like it and do let me know if you have any feedback or feature requests!


Streaming UBDFM on iOS Devices

You can stream UBDFM natively, without installing any application, on any iOS device (iPhone / iPod touch / iPad) by

This is shown pictorially bellow and may not be a perfect solution, I heard that it does not play in the background but I’ve tested it on my sister’s iPad with iOS 4.2 and it seems to work flawlessly. Feedback is appreciated =)

Pictorial Walkthrough

  1. Open Safari and go tohttp://bit.ly/ubdfmbrunei or

  2. Add this page to the Home Screen

  3. Give the link a name

  4. Enjoy easy access to stream UBDFM on the homescreen

UBDFM’s Interview with Bottlesmoker

For anybody who missed out UBDFM’s evening with Bottlesmoker, I managed to record it as a test of VLC‘s streaming and recording capabilities.

MP3 link (To save: Right Click > Save as)

PS: I had trouble uploading it to Archive.org so it’s hosted on Dropbox for the time being.

Streaming UBD FM

With UBD FM recently being featured on ProjekBrunei and EmmaGoodEgg’s tweet I thought this would be an appropriate time for me to post this.

It seems there is no easy surefire way to get the URL’s to play on all platforms. Some players recognize all URLs some recognize only some. The best bet is to try each one I’ve summarized most below:

Hope that helps you enjoy UBD FM on any platform that you may have =)