Daikyo Recycling Center Sdn Bhd, Brunei

After finding out that Concepts wasn’t recycling and having spotted recycling bins around Brunei I wanted to find out more about the recycling company Daikyo. So I started by calling them and asking about the locations of their recycling bins in Brunei. To my surprise the lady told me that she could not give that information to me which seemed to defeat the purpose of placing recycling bins around Brunei for people to use. I was told that the recycling bins were placed upon request of the school / company / organization where the bins are located and that people can actually come down to their site to sell things. Curious at the ability to sell stuff I took a trip to their site located at Serasa (Map location on Wikimapia).

Daikyo was formerly known as Matusin Recycling and as you can see from the sign below they buy all kinds of scrap metal items ranging from plastics to scrap metal to old computers. I wish they were more willing to share information about their operations in Brunei but alas perhaps I will try another day. In the meantime get a look at the place from a few photos I took while I was there

Daikyo Environmental Recycling Sdn Bhd

We buy all kinds of scrap metal:
Zinc, Brass, Lead, Copper Wires/Pipes, Aluminium Wire/Can (Beverage), Scrap Iron, Unserviceable batteries, Waste Papers/Cartons/Books, Magazines and Used Computer
Tempat Pembuangan Kerata Buruk (rubbish dump for condemned cars)

Simpang 287, Jln Serasa Muara, BT 1128, Brunei Darussalam

Tel: +673 2773380, Fax: +673 2773381

E-mail: daikyorecycling@brunet.bn Website: www.daikyorecycling.com

Source: Their signboard shown below

Daikyo Environmental Recycling Sdn Bhd Signboard Daikyo - Entrance Daikyo - Pile of Parts Daikyo - Overview 1 Daikyo - Overview 2 Daikyo - Overview 3 Daikyo - Lonely Old Recycling Bin Daikyo - Old and New Recycling bins Daikyo - Old Recyling Bin - Matusin Recycling Industry Company Daikyo Industrial Gas Sdn Bhd Signboard


Concepts Computers is not Recycling

So I finally managed to talk to Mr Vincent Pao, the General Manager of Concepts Computer regarding the recycling issue that I had, resulting in my “Concepts Computer Lying to Us?” post. In my talk with him about a few things but most important to me at the this time was the recycling issue. He stated that people from the recycling place came and picked up the equipment and that he did not have the contact number of the place or of the person in charge. He mentioned the place was at “Sungai Akar” which I believed to be the Sungai Akar rubbish dump. He said there is a little building/section where they recycle the equipment.

Today I went to the rubbish dump to try and find this recycling place that was supposed to be there. After some walking around and talking to the workers there, I was directed to “Ah Huat” who told me that they did pick up the equipment from Concepts but they are not recycling it. They are merely taking the equipment apart and dumping them in the dump. As shown below you can see the remains of some of the monitors and some PCB (printed circuit board) remains.

I admit, in my last post I was a bit harsh on Concepts, but after some thinking it could be a misunderstanding or miscommunication. It could have been that the person misled Mr Pao to think they were recycling or it could have been a misunderstanding on Mr Pao’s side. Whatever the story may be, I believe everybody should just know that at the end of the day the items being traded-in are not being recycled