Baiduri FAST not fast at all

So I decided to try Baiduri Bank’s phone banking system called FAST to see how it is and I can say my experience was a total hassle. I’ll give them props that they allow users to apply online but lucky unlucky me had to sign up through the ATM.

I did receive the letter from them a long time ago with my PIN and procedures but like any lazy person I put it somewhere and forgot about it and lost it somewhere. So I had to get my PIN reset. This wasn’t much of a problem, just had to go down to Baiduri and wait for the new pin to arrive. My own fault, I admit so no worries. So I got my new PIN the day following my request (good response time Baiduri), logged into the FAST system and tried doing some bill payment and got the error that I didn’t have any account linked to my FAST service. Looking back on it, it could have been stated in the initial documents I got telling me I had to register for the account. I called the FAST hotline and was told I would be able to get the accounts activated right away. So off to Baiduri I went again to link up my accounts. I was told I had to wait a few days for it to get activated.

So here I would like to bring up the inconsistencies between the person on the phone line and the person behind the counter serving me. I had a similar experience with AV Electronics and I really annoys me when two difference sources from the same business tell me two different things. I don’t mind understating and over delivering but overstating and under delivery is never good in the business world.

Anyway so I wait for a few days, and try the FAST service several times only to get the “there are no accounts linked to your FAST service” automated voice coming from my phone. So I finally called the hotline to tell them my situation which I had to re-register my account numbers with them and within 20 minutes they called me saying that my accounts were linked up. Finally I thought, but that wasn’t the end. So I log into the FAST service, and finally happy not to hear that I have no accounts linked to FAST and proceeded to try pay DST and Telbru bills. And what do I get? The automated voice telling me that the payment failed (I have more than enough cash in my account for the transaction to go through). I was so annoyed with that I proceeded to an ATM to pay the bills without issue. My Baiduri experience seems to be getting more frustrating from their ‘over secure’ iBanking system leading me to forget my login credentials once again.

Baiduri I love the fact that you have the functionality of bill payment via phone / ATM / iBanking. I love the fact that the response to my PIN reset request was swift. So moving away from the technical side, try work on the user experience and making it easier for the user to get what they want to get done because if your customers aren’t happy something is really wrong