If at first you don’t succeed try try again…

QWOP finish screenshot

It has come a long way from my doing the Funky Chicken Leg as seen below, to beat the game literally on 1 knee
QWOP Funky Chicken Leg cheat way of winning

P.S. For those wondering how far back you can go, there is a block at the -3m position. Yes I did try hahaha
QWOP block at -3m screenshot

Fun, frustrating, fulfilling game and pretty inspirational all from a simple running game!

For some videos check out Youtube QWOP search. Perhaps I’ll make a few videos of how to beat the game: the Funky Chicken Leg way (or other non-running methods) and also the proper way to run (or at least the way I do, because I don’t think my method is optimal)

Happy playing people!

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