B$30+ Spectacles/Eyeglasses

After wearing my pair of specs for about 5 I decided it was time for me to get a new pair. So where do I go to find them? To the world wide web of course! I read somewhere that you could get a great deal on glasses if you buy them online and true enough I found Zenni Optical which offered frames + lens starting at US$8.00. The only thing you needed was your prescription. The shopping experience couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Pick a set of frames
  2. Customize your glasses with
    • Colour
    • Anti-Reflection Coating
    • Lens Tint
    • Clip On Sunshades
    • Lens Type
    • Prescription
  3. Add to cart
  4. Checkout!

They will ship it from different locations depending on where you are and so for me, they shipped from Hong Kong and it came within 2 weeks!

Price Breakdown
Prescription: B$5.00
Frames + Lens: US$8.00
Clip-on Sunshade: US$3.95
Shipping cost: US$9.00
Total: ~B$37.50


Milestone Dates
Purchased: 11th March
Left Hong Kong: 19th March
Arrived in Brunei post office: 25th March

My $30+ glasses complete with case, cloth and clip-on shades. Sweet!

My B$30 Glasses

I had the glasses checked with an optician and the glasses’ prescription is indeed correct and my only complaint is that my head is too big so the end pieces are slightly pressing against the sides of my head and I’ve had that with one of my older pairs of glasses. In face these frames have are wider than my old ones, just that the old frames end pieces were designed to curve out and in vs the straight of these from Zenni Optical. So if you have a big head you may want to take note (the pair I got is listed here and has a frame with of 137mm). But all in all I highly recommend Zenni Optical and will definitely shop there in the future!