Quick Mac Tip – Search for Menu Commands in Help Menu

I encountered this cool tip while watching some Mac Break Work. If you can’t remember where to find an exact menu command in program in OS X

  1. Go to the Help Menu
  2. Type word to search for the command. This will populate a list of possible matched commands

  3. Highlight the particular command and click it to execute it or just hover over it and see the ‘magic’. Not only will it open the menu under which the command is listed under but it will also have a little moving pointer that points you to the command

This is great for exploring commands and just finding where a particular command has disappeared to in the menus


I stumbled upon Brunei.fm one day on Twitter and was wondering what exactly they were up to. My brother mentioned it looked a lot like Yahoo before the current design change. A portal service as seen from the wealth/clutter of links, it was hard to understand what they are trying to do.

Brunei.fm vs Yahoo Homepage:
Brunei fm homepage screenshot Yahoo! homepage screenshot

I guess the one of the main attractions of the site would be the Brunei search engine of local content. A huge feat to try to compete against the behemoth that is Google. I tried searching for a few terms such as "ministry of health", "ministry of education", "ministry of finance" and "anti corruption bureau" and found that Google provided much better results especially with the "pages from Brunei (halaman dari Brunei)" option.

Brunei.fm Search Engine:
Brunei.fm Search Engine banner ad

Google’s Brunei content search:


Brunei.fm seems to be searching through a list of known Brunei websites which could be a good thing for Brunei websites with good content but not good Google Juice.

Brunei.fm has a ton of features and some interesting ones are

  • Brunei Community Directory: a list of communities/organizations in Brunei
  • Yellow Pages: the yellow pages with ability to add your own entry
  • Your News: user submitted content
  • News: regular news stories nicely categorized
  • Online office: have your operating system / desktop with all your files available to you anywhere with Internet access, with ability for word processing and personal information management features

Running on Joomla, WordPress (with Buddypress), eyeOS, Jamroom, osTube and possibly other solutions, Brunei.fm is making use of currently implemented technology to provide a wealth of features. The site as a whole is still pretty in an on-going process as I’ve seen many things that aren’t working either giving links to non-existent pages (404: Services > Contact Us) or non working features (Yellow Pages registration not working). Relying on different underlying technologies one hopes that they would unify the login process but alas this isn’t the case making Brunei.fm a portal of disjointed services, each requiring a login of its own. They need to try to implement OpenID authentication for each of the services.

But all in all Brunei.fm is an interesting portal to keep an eye on to see what else they are going to be up to.