Cbox RSS Feed

I just found out Cbox (a Free Tagoard and Chat Widget) actually has an RSS feed for the posts. Happened when I Googled rss site:http://cbox.ws/ (non LetMeGoogleThatForYou.com link)

Find your CBox URL and for the and replace the value for the “sec” attribute with “rss” instead of “main” (the actual entries) or “form” (the input form to add another entry).

CBox page: http://thewheat.cbox.ws/
CBox entries URL: http://www.cbox.ws/box/?boxid=977721&boxtag=2061&sec=main
CBox RSS URL: http://www.cbox.ws/box/?boxid=977721&boxtag=2061&sec=rss

Finding the CBox URL

Cbox owner

  1. Go to the publish page in the Cbox control panel
  2. Look at the textbox after “Step 1: Get your code”

  3. Look for the value of “src” attribute:
  4. Replace “&” with “&”:
  5. Replace “sec” value with “rss”:

Non-Cbox owner

  1. Go to the website / webpage where the CBox is used. E.g. http://thewheat.cbox.ws/
  2. View the page source code (typically from the View menu > Source or right click the page > View Source)
  3. Look for the <iframe tag and the “src” attribute value:
    hosted by Cbox.ws

  4. Replace “sec” value with “rss”:


It seems to be totally undocumented in the Cbox site and I guess it’s a hidden treasure. Now do us treasure hunters get any rewards?

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