Offline Installers

Have you ever started to download an application and after downloading it you realized that what you downloaded wasn’t the application but a downloader application. I’ve always disliked this as it requires an Internet connection and isn’t an installer that I can just pass around to friends. So this post is dedicated to getting those full installers.

Google Chrome: Download page
Basically add “?standalone=1” to the end of the URL of the download page that shows the Terms of Service

Live Essentials: Download page (On the download page, there is a column on the right with a “Try again” button. On pressing this button you will get the full download)

AVG: Download page

  1. On the initial download page, go to the bottom and where you can download the file direct from AVG servers.
  2. On the following page there is a link for the offline version (linked above) which is the complete installer

Skype: Direct Download | Download Page
Instead of the regular installer look for the business version that includes the MSI installer

Java runtime:
Click the “all Java downloads here” link on the Java download page