OS X Snow Leopard in Brunei

Now a Mac user for a week (thanks to the special educator’s discount =D) I knew Snow Leopard was coming and apparently it’s coming sooner than expected, on the 28th of August 2009. So I sent a tweet to AV Electronics asking them for the prices and availability in Brunei and their response was:

  • B$48: Single user
  • B$78: Family Pack (5 Apple computers in one household. Non-commercial use)
  • B$268: Single Mac Box Set (for non-leopard users)
  • B$369: Family Pack Mac Box Set (for non-leopard users)
Snow Leopard Prices in Brunei
Snow Leopard Prices in Brunei

Snow Leopard Enhancements and Refinements

Estimated time of arrival 31st August, so go book your copy at AV Electronics
Kiulap: +673 2237650/1
Mall: +673 2456436
Email: info_AT_ave.com.bn

Update 1 [2009/08/28]
So today I got a response from AV Electronic’s Twitter feed that they will have the Up-to-Date program for recent Mac owners. So recent Mac owners (Mac bought on or after 8 June 2009) should be able to get Snow Leopard at an even a greater deal. Currently in Singapore it’s S$18 so here’s hoping it will be like B$20 here.

AV Electronic's response regarding the up to date program
AV Electronic's response regarding the up to date program

Funny thing though. I personally went to AV Electronics yesterday and ask them if there are any offers for recent Mac owners. And the person told me ‘no’. After that to find out today that they do offer such an offer, it makes me, as a customer, feel cheated of the facts. I would have felt even more cheated had I pre-ordered Snow Leopard at B$48 only to later find out I could have got it for cheaper. It’s not the price but the principle of the matter. Hope AV will work on their inter staff communication on their business activities to help provide customers the better service with accurate information to make the best choice.