Post by Email on

By getting a Mac and using OS X I’ve lost the ability to use Windows Live Writer which has to be the best blogging software out there offered free by Microsoft. So with that loss in mind I had to find an alternative way to blog and found out about the ability to post by email.

Steps to enable Post by Email on

  1. Dashboard > My Blogs
  2. Click on “Enable” on the appropriate blog (this will generate an email address for your to send your posts to)
  3. Email to the address generated
Ensure that you keep this email address private as anybody who mails to this address will be able to post on your blog

Typical bold, italics, links and images work without issues. Multiple images can even be combined into a gallery. Shortcodes enable configuration of meta data and post settings. They are short pieces of text that can be put anywhere in the post and are listed below.

  • [category x,y,z]
  • [excerpt]some excerpt[/excerpt]
  • [tags x,y,z]
  • [delay +1 hour]
  • [comments on | off]
  • [status publish | pending | draft]
  • [password secret-password]
  • [slug some-url-name]
  • [title Your post title]
  • [end] – everything after this shortcode is ignored (i.e. signatures)
  • [nogallery] – disables the auto-gallery and displays all images inline

This is great as it allows you to compose an email using the mail client of your choice and use your mail client’s rich text editing features too. As WordPress is pretty strict on the tags you use, take note that not all your rich text formatting will be transferred to’s strict HTML tag policy, thus it may be useful to submit the post as a draft and preview it in your dashboard before publishing it.

Mozilla Service Week + Software Freedom Day

Next week (14th-21st September) will be Mozilla Service Week. In the midst of it is Software Freedom Day on the 19th and Mozilla’s One Web Day. I’m planning to serve/participate in all these events by placing myself in different locations in Brunei each day and just being available to help anybody with their web/technology issues/problems.

Below are just a sample of the many things that can I intend to provide assistance for:

  • How to configure your phone to access the Internet
  • How to transfer Youtube videos to your computer / phone
  • How set up a website
  • How to customize your website
  • Trying out Linux
  • Getting legal free software
  • How to create videos
  • How to get free legal shows online

Basically to paraphrase Tekzilla‘s intro:

“If you’ve got a question, We’ve got an answer for you. And if we don’t we’ll track down somebody who does”

I have approached some places and to get approval from them to utilize their place for Mozilla Service week. So far I’ve got a green light from Foodzone (Gadong Properties) and Blue Eden/Inderaloka Biru (Kiulap) and I’m trying to get a place in Delima/Serusop (Easyway?), Gadong central (Coffeebean? Mall food court?), Lambak (Wywy?) and Bunut Area (Wywy?). Basically all I need is a place to sit down with an Internet connection, power sockets (for me and anybody else who comes along) and accessible to people.

I know this may not be much but I’m trying something new and hope to continue doing something like this as a weekly event as a contribution back to the community of Brunei. If you have any suggestions do comment or tweet me @thewheat. I’ll post latest info via twitter but will hopefully have a proper schedule by Sunday so if you’re free do drop by and say ‘hi’. Feel free to come join me and help out too =)


P.S. I have to thank @jidah for mentioning Mozilla Service Week and OneWebDay as that’s where I learned about it and thus led to this.