TelBru Telephone Directory pickup: FAIL

2009 Telephone Directory collection banner

When I was reading the papers last week I came across the announcement that the 2009 edition of the telephone directory was out so I went down to TelBru to pick it up only to be told that they were not available yet. So I went back thinking that they shouldn’t announced it in the papers if they weren’t ready to give it out. I don’t remember notice giving any starting date, so I would say it would be safe to assume that it was starting on that day. Oh well, so I thought I’d come back another day.

So today I tried to get the phone directory yet again and was happy to see the following sign on the wall at Telbru telling me to get them at Gate 2 parking lot.

Notice to collect Telephone Directory 2009

Now perhaps it’s just me, but I didn’t know where Gate 2 parking lot is. But since I parked my car in one of the parking lots and didn’t see any sign of the Telephone directories I thought I should head to the other parking lot. I was happy to see a couple of white tents and even happier to see a familiar Daikyo recycling bin (view the entire list of Brunei recycling bins).

White huts with a recyling bin

But did you notice something strange about the photo of the white huts? Nobody’s there! It’s not open. The entire thing is sealed shut! I tried to peer behind the canvas and I did notice a table and stacks of what it seems to be telephone directories in bundles wrapped in brown paper. However I could only get into the tent if I was willing to break and entering so I decided against it.

Sealed shut!:

No way in. White huts completely sealed up - front view 

No way in. White huts completely sealed up - rear view

So dejected and foiled yet again to get my telephone directories, I left the place. Leaving through a gate labeled as “Gate 3” and swinging around the front I passed the white tents yet again, and was waiting to see the sign “Gate 2”. But there was no sign to be seen except for the big “TelBru” sign…

Is this Gate 2?:

Gate 2.. I think

Lessons to be learnt

  • If reference to the announcement in the newspaper: If you advertise, please state the availability date, don’t make your customers waste their time going there only to find out that they can’t get it
  • If reference to the notice to collect at Gate 2: customers may not be familiar with your premises, so a map or directions to get to the location would be highly beneficial
  • In reference to the gate with no number: if you give a location make sure it’s labeled clearly! The worse part is being the the right place and not knowing it
  • In reference to nobody being at the tents: If you’re closed for business please state it, same reasoning as the first point.
  • TelBru cares about recycling!

    Notice of a special

    I’m happy that TelBru is taking the initiative and giving people incentives to recycle. Good on them for helping us Bruneians play our part in helping to preserve this Earth. I’m glad to report that the recycling bin was practically full.

I know it may seem trivial to point out these things as in total it probably took up about an hour of my time, but I was pretty frustrated as it was my second time going there only to be disappointed both times and which no real explanation why I couldn’t get what I came for. But at least I hope this provides some constructive criticism to all and anybody who may face a similar situation.

Update: 3rd time’s a charm! And on the booth they had the operating hours as shown below. For accessibility reasons the operating hours are:

    Monday-Thursday: 0830-1200, 1315-1700
    Friday:0830-1145, 1400-1700

Operating Hours

Why was the operating hours only on the booth that was enclosed in the tent? It serves almost no purpose because if you can see it, the booth is open and you can pick up the telephone directories. But if you get there and the tent is all closed up you’re left with absolutely no information… Guys next time do put the operating hours on the tent itself! Saves confusion and annoyance of coming only to find it closed again…

TelBru / E-Speed Customer Service

My delayed Telbru / E-Speed story as promised here.

So I’ve had quite a bit of E-Speed issues since the Olympics and most of the time I just suffered with it but a few weeks ago I decided to file a complaint. I have to say I’ve had a pleasant experience with the technical support when they’ve come down to my place. Take it the first 2 times they came I wasn’t in, so I wasn’t sure what exactly they did if they did much at all. However from the past 3 visits when they came, I explained the exact problem to them face to face and they informed me of the possible issues and went about fixing it.

Apparently when the E-Speed was installed (a few years back) they didn’t do the job properly. My telephone line has phones upstairs and downstairs each with different connection points, and the upstairs connection was used for E-Speed via a DSL filter connected to the modem while the downstairs phone was left as is. This is NOT how it is supposed to be done because the connection downstairs is connected straight to the mains bypassing the DSL filter. The correct way is for the main connection from the telephone pole outside to be connected to a DSL filter and the telephone line output from the filter is supposed to be used for any telephone connections (both upstairs and downstairs).

The E-Speed people told me the wiring is a contractor issue which I should handle which is understandable since they did the telephone wiring in the house, which is fair enough. They did notice some noise in the telephone cable so they called up TelBru technicians who proceeded to change the cable from the telephone post to my house. E-Speed worked however only that night did I realize that the phone couldn’t make outgoing calls. So the next day I called them again and the TelBru technicians came over. I have to say the person who filed my complaint didn’t understand me too well as her description of my complaint was wrong (I’ve had other issues pertaining web hosting questions that the person on the help line really did not understand me and said that they’d get a technical officer to get back to me, but they never did, but alas that is another issue), but anyway I explained the issue of the wrongly wired connections to the Telbru technicians and they started fixing it without charge! After that I’ve been having a pretty good and steady Internet connection. So a big shout-out and kudos to the E-Speed and TelBru, let’s just get some better / more informed people on the telephone lines so as not to make mistakes. Imagine if I wasn’t home and they tried to fix the problem described which was wrong and thus wasting the time of everybody. So let’s just hope Brunei strives for better customer service in all departments and places because I’m pretty sure that we all know we need it

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