UBD/eG.InC Community Outreach Programme

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I was lucky enough to be involved in the organisation of the community outreach programme held at UBD recently.  They had the idea of a challenge which is similar to a hackathon/hack day. I tried to keep things similar to how they do things at Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) and consolidated the problems faced by each of the organisations at communityoutreach.bruneigeekmeet.com

Some media coverage of the event and the last link about one of the organisations at the event itself

The day itself saw some teams being bestowed with prizes:

  • Micronet: worked on a database solution for Care and Action for Strays (CAS) (Website / Facebook)
    • managed to get a working prototype using Access
  • Laksamana College for Business: worked on a database solution for the Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council (Facebook / Twitter)
    • managed to implement an Android app prototype
  • Maktab Duli: working on solution for Orang Kurang Pendegaran (OKP)/Association for the Hearing Impaired as part of a skill / mentoring app (Facebook)
    • provided some good ideas and some interface designs for the app

Some notable mentions on my end where:

  • Projek k-3: with a great delivery of their presentation but also a great idea of upcycling existing clothes gathered and to use the youth to help out with the creation of upcycled products
  • The team that created a short video which felt like it was very on-point with regards to trying to raise awareness of volunteering

While each organisation hand some specific issues unique to there, there were a common issues faced by many of these organisations:

  • lack of a volunteer database / communication system so they can reach out to volunteers when running events
  • lack of a personal database to keep track of the things and to run reports
  • lack of public awareness of the organisation or events run by the organisation
  • the need for financial assistance

All in all, I feel that it was a good first step in there being more events such as this to work on actual real world problems rather than the typical business plan competitions that I usually see around. Brunei Geek Meet will try its best to help foster these kind of projects, especially after the event itself, as a part of giving back to the community but also as a way for the general public to get involved, to participate and learn.

Moving on from here, I’ll be consolidating the presentations/solutions provided by the teams and to liaise with the individual non-government organisations on how best they want to proceed with their projects. Once settled we’ll probably have more frequent Brunei Geek Meets with some days particularly catering for hack days or specific projects.

So if you’re interested in helping out, do get in touch by

  • leaving a comment
  • or emailing me at tim_AT_thewheatfield.org
  • or joining us at the next Brunei Geek Meet

Bypassing the Guest@UBD Proxy Authentication

So I happen to be in UBD the other day and the typically open Guest@UBD wireless access point seemed to be proxied and requires authentication as shown below.

guestubd proxy authentication popup

Normally it won’t ask for any authentication. Assuming that the access point is a legitimate one, a guest at UBD would not have any login credentials now would they? However I did notice that Twhirl did load some tweets (but gave the pop-up authentication dialog above) and that my Instant Messenger, Adium, was connected. So I tried a https connection to Gmail and it worked! Searched for an https proxy on my phone and found some here. Added a proxy to Firefox’s proxy setting (Preferences > Advanced > Network > Settings) and I’m back on the web.

firefox proxy settings

In order to cover all network connections (e.g. via instant messenger, Adobe air applications) proxy settings will need to be changed in network settings.

Note: Online https proxies would be a temporary fix but that will only work in web browsers. They are best used to find the proper proxy settings and once the network settings are changed to use the proxy their job is done. Proxify (https://proxify.co.uk/) and Remainhidden (https://remainhidden.com/) are just 2 of many that you can find through Proxy.org (https://proxy.org/)