something tell’s me life doesnt like me……

wanted 2 go get new ‘baby’ just now… on tuesday was lookin arnd.. saw a zire 71 4 $550 w/ 64MB SD card and QuickOffice (well just the Word and Spreadsheet programs i tink)… well.. went back 2day.. quite sure of getting it… it so happens that the QuickOffice software is not included anymore… or maybe just that i saw the offer wrongly the other time.. either way…. it just ended up w/ me being down.. :”(:”(:”( have 2 rethink choices AGAIN… life y do u mock me?!?!?!??!….. anyway.. better get back 2 php stuff.. or other things.. like finding out abt Helix, now renamed to Zodiac… looks like good stuff… but still.. wat i want.. prolly the treo 600… just hope the 600 gets bluetooth.. and possibly a better screen…


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