been quite a good day

went 2 whalbar’s place 2day.
played wolfenstein enemy territory and warcraft 3.. :D:D
wolf ET so fun… accidentally killed lots of ppl on my side tho.. :$:$
at least im a medic and can revive them.. AND gain XP hehehe :D
go dld wolf ET. its FREE!!! :D:D but only 4 online play i tink. not 2 sure abt LAN play, need 2 check 1 day

monday is orientation i tink.. dunno wats goin on :P:P
wanted 2 get ‘baby’ 2day… sigh.. guess will have 2 wait…
but still not sure whether get a zire 71 or wait 4 the treo 600 or even the zodiac (previously helix)…
sigh.. so many qtns.. :”(:”(:”(
maybe just get the zire 2moro… ‘need’ a new 1 :P:P


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