loooooooooooooooooooong day… feel hurt..

CPE orientation 2day…
wah.. dang long day.. 2 much walkin… feet hurt.. just came back…
at least i got some possible ppl 2 game w/ next sem :D:D hehehe

got mail 2day saying i cant get the module i was appealin 4 coz of some ‘complications’.. sigh..
come back arnd..errr.. well cant rmmber..
lemme check how long i’ve been online….
online 4 abt 1hr…
so been back since abt 10 :p

come back.. check mail… check my normal daily site..
wat do i find..
3 new Palm models may be coming in October“!!!!!!!!
just wen i bought my zire 71…. life.. thats life.. well more like thats MY life…… :”(:”(

go sleep now.. tired…


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