been a loooooooooong week

had CPE orientation week this week..
started on monday finished yesterday…
monday was the 1st bit.. meet every1 and TRY 2 rmmber the names… :P:P
all the names.. all the names!!!! :P:p

1st the normal getting-2-know-each-other’s-name games…
1 girl called me ashok!!!! :P:P:P out of all the names.. ashok!!!! :P:P
then some balloon busting.. i tink it was lunch after that..
lunch at engin and then they had a phys briefing lecture at 1300.
me and chinmay decided 2 join them.. and guess who we saw there? chammika!!!!
hehe.. after the ‘lecture’ he was like “y r u guys here????”…
hehehehe.. shld have said something like we failed and r coming back or something :P:P
after that it was more activities like the faculty tour, charades and briefing on ‘talent time’… they were like sayin OGLs (orientation grp leaders) CAN participate.. then ‘good’ ole c’may shouted out “OGLs MUST participate lah”…
and so the it was amended that OGLs MUST participate…..
being an OGL i was like “wat the @!$*!@%#!*#@^!@!!!!!!!!!”
well at least he got his just desserts.. so i thought…
he said that he would have 2 perform w/ another guy and had 2 act out a romantic song or something like that… hehehe
but then it was cancelled yesterday, his part at least… wen it was suppsoed 2 be performed…
after that we had dinner at Fong Sengs, behind Eusoff hall. got a tub of cookies and cream ice cream.. hehehe 1.5 litre tub… hehehehe
my grp was like “huh?? u gonna finish that??”…
well i said something like “theres only 1 way 2 find out”.. hehehe
started eating… then i felt a drop.. that i was gonna rain.. so left teh shop and the spoon there… so had no spoon 2 eat the ice cream…. but i did that a straw :P:P just in case so could drink milk shake :p
finally DID finish it tho.. hehe
had a treasure hunt after that.. and after that the nite walk… not sure wat was the real pt on the nite walk tho… seemed a bit ptless 2 me…
then that was the end of the day..

tuesday was off, nothin planned coz it was flag day and i guess the CPE heads were 2 lazy… maybe.. dunno

wednesday was sentosa.. had 2 get there arnd 11.. got there ate lunch and off 2 sentosa.. start w/ beach games… 1st 1 my grp played was a frisbee game.. a scorer was 2 stand on a chair… the rest were to pass the frisbee from person 2 person and pass it 2 the scorer. i was the scorer and 1 time wen the frisbee came my way.. not ‘really’ tinkin i jumped grabbed the frisbee and then it realised 2 me… wat the heck was i tinkin.. :P so reality kicks in and my foot goes thru the plastic chair and i fall 2 the ground w/ the frisbee in hand :P
then find out got a nice ‘battle’ wound :P:P
sacrifices need 2 be made!! :P:P:P dunno.. maybe thats 1 of the few explanations of wat happened.. or maybe im jsut 2 impulsive… :p wat 2 do.. so now im left w/ a battle scar. more beach games w/ me ‘injured’..
had bbq in the evening and went back arnd 12+ :P
come back 2 rm played CS 4 abt an hr :P:P
its all the cpl’s fault.. the latest cpl kinda brought be back 2 playin cs :P:P

thursday was ‘the amazing race’. met at abt 12 meet up w/ the team… or wat was left at least.. 1 member was dehydrated, other swollen toe due 2 a cut and another 1 just didnt come.. well actually all teams dwindled down.. thus we had 2 combine teams, so wat was once 5 teams became 3…
and off we went on ‘the amazing race’… did some tasks and ‘running’ arnd..
finally completed all the stuff and then we had time 2 discuss our talent time thingy…
we were doin a song.. vit C’s graduation…. so we had the lyrics and started practising…
the outcome wasnt all ‘that’ great.. but wasnt that bad either. other group did a dance from ‘the guru’..
after that it was the end of orientation. went 2 clementi 2 have some supper and after that came back and had a lan party till 3 am!!!! :P:P hehehe

orientation was good tho. cant deny that. had some fun times.
but now have 2 makeup 4 ‘lost’ time.. gotta do website and more php stuff esp coz i need 2 return the php bk next week :p
busy weekend its gonna be… monday welcome T 4 CPE1/CPE2/EE2 students.. so will be c’in the juniors again :p
so far school timetable is quite good. monday free. sat kinda free coz the lecture we have on sat is like on and off.. its not on every week..

wat the 1@$#!%!%!#%!#%!#%#! watchin the amazing race…
the clowns were way behind due to wrong flight taken…
the gays took a car instead of walkin and were given a 35 min penalty…
wen the clowns got 2 the pit stop the host said something like “jon and al…” then the online tv started buffering!!!!!! i wanna know the verdict and it decides to start bufferin!!!!!! :”(:”(:”(
by the time it resumes.. the verdict has been passed and i know nothing…
but saw from the preview of the next show that clowns were eliminated… :(
wat 2 do… blame m$… all ur fault m$…

anyway better sleep..need 2 get good sleep esp w/ school startin next week :p


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