nothing 2 say but a dang lot 2 say…….

wasted 3.5hrs of my life yesterday at a supposed ‘magic show’ which i dont even call a !@%$!%!#%#!% ‘magic show’……
was freakin led on 2 believe it was 1….
dang crap…
its 1 thing wen ppl lie abt things, and its another thing wen ppl try 2 pass something off as something else….
dang gyp.. dang PO

just missed abt 1/2 of hamtaro just now.. missed it yesterday due 2 ISP talk…

pictures of my pencil case… spray painted myself by in brunei..

pictures of kcs.. hehehe

ask him 2 turn on his web cam and show u. heheheh
oh yea. and his ticket 2 c cher


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