website revived.. phew…

ok. this post a bit late. revived it yesterday durin TM orientation meetin :P:$:$:P

thanx 2 every1 who helped revived it esp Chin Yee coz i got most of the ‘lost’ stuff there.. 10q 10q. will belanja u. (i wont say soon coz dunno wen :$:$)
other thanx 2 Ya Chee also

moral learnt: backup fequently.
dont use lycos tripod!!!! :P:P:P

but still.. whoever programmed the deactivate php/mysql thingy shld be.. uhhh.. well…. lets just say he/she shld have thought of how important some databases can me and shld give a 1@%#!#$^!&!$&!$ confirmation 1st b4 deactivatin it…


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