been a long day

wen 2 creative sale in the morn..
did survey…
dang crap did survey….
no1 wants 2 answer me!!!! :”(:”(:”(:”(:”(
its only 1 qtn ppl…..
big bad meanies!!!! :P:P

anyway… on my way back.. in the bus..
guess wat i c.. RAIN!!!!!
just my luck… almost missed my stop…
visibility was quite bad… couldnt make out the NUS campus…
so got off opposite the NUH.. .had 2 walk in the rain w/ my lil umbrella.
oh that reminds me.. i need 2 dry it.. :P
if i had got off a stop earlier i wouldnt have been so drenched…
or if i had a larger umbrella.. :P:P
anyway.. wen i finally got 2 shelther, guess wat…
the rain died down…. my life… sigh…..
was practically totally drenched…

anyway… get back 2 rm and had 2 study….
signals not so much a blur now.. thank goodness..
nothing much 2 say..
i download the steam client the other day.. but thats only the client i tink, not sure. havent installed yet..
so i tried 2 dld the cs1.6 and steam install file just now…
its stopped like 320+MB out of 360+MB… .sigh.. life..
well my fault.. used Opera 2 save… shld have used Star downloader..
1 lil bit of laziness causes a lot of hard work later.. sigh.. 1 of the stories of life.. :P
still downloading now.. 5+ more hrs :P:P

anyway.. now doin DD work..
2moro dunno wat 2 do.. just wilt :P:P


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