im a cat??

according 2 some horoscope thingy… im a cat…
Your very shy and cute. You are a follower and dont like to talk to people you dont know. Your very careful about choosing your friends. Your really nice.

am i now… dun believe in stuff like this.. but fun 2 c wat ppl say :P:P

theweed’s theory:
extensive exposure to theweed is detrimental 4 external bodies
it leads to overlapping of theweeds mental state to the exposed body
the body may exhibit abnormal behaviour due to the aura casted upon them while there were in the close proximity w/ theweed

i have many examples to prove this theory..
will rather not mention the exact examples.. they mite come bash me.. :P:P

PS. i know this is like the 3rd/4th post of the day…
but who cares :P
convenience is good :D:D:D
i shld go 2 sleep now…
nite ppl


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