life 4 – me 0

palm releases 3 new handhelds
sigh… the tungsten E!!!! i wan……
but the batt life seems bad tho…
but i wan Documents ToGo!!!!!!!! :”(:”(:”(
its only US$199!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maybe just buy it 4 the DTG….. :P:P

‘wasted’ 4 hrs today…
did signal e-test.. sigh… fair but i know nothing…
come back played a mission in Frozen Throne NE campaign…
then dun rmmber wat i was doin.. then went 2 makan
come back help whalbar configure his xilinx stuff…
wah.. dang bad stuff….. this prob that prob…
found out that u cant save attachemnts properly using exchange if u access it online.. dang weird….
then the next thing i know is…. 4hrs wasted!!! :”(:”(:”(

now reading analytical.. random processes.. :|:|:”(:”(
wanna cry….. better sleep lah.. dun tink im gonna get anywhere.. doin nothing eh…

signals lab1 2moro.. sigh… life
full day from 9-6 w/ a break from 12-2…
which will prolly be spent doin DD design…


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