sigh…… wat a @!%!#%!#(%(!#% day..

had 2 do the freakin project again 2day….
i did more than my part 4 practically a whole day like a few weeks back and 2day here i am again doin it AGAIN!!!!
i ‘dumped’ it w/ the other team members but noooo…
lazy ppl dun wanna learn how 2 use 3!%!%!!%#!#%! matlab….

so wat was supposed 2 be a 1hr tutorial day turned out 2 be a completely wasteful day…
tut finished at 10++ as alwez due to the slow tutor…
so from then till like 1500+ was doin the freakin project…..

come back 2 pgp and continued a bit till like 1600+ dun rmmbr wat time..
then came back 2 rm and played till abt 1700…
now FINALLY doin some work and even thats not much coz cant be freakin botherd coz im 2 wasted…. dang crap

i hate my life.. i hate my team members even more… maybe…
who knows and who cares anyway…

back 2 work…


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