need 2 work…
‘wasted’ the whole day 2day….

really better stop playin :$:$:$:P:P
no mood 2 study…
nvrmnd.. get an earlier nite….
need 2 ‘reset’ back 2 normal sleepin habit by shifting sleeping time earlier and earlier… 2nite sleeping 2hrs earlier compared 2 yesterday :$:P

but at least i finished that gridlock game!!! :D:D :p
too many games… :$:$
need study….

my apple bk.. :”(
i left 1 box of apple juice in my rm… then wen i was cleanin it i found it was leakin!! :”(:”(
my NEW digital design bk was all juiced up!!! :”(:”(
i washed it and left it 2 dry.. and 2day i found out it was growing mould!!! :'(:”(:”(
so i had to rewash it and now a few pages are torn coz they stuck i and tried to dry page by page.. sigh…
$40+ bk.. :”(:”(
and the pages stink… :”(:”(
at least its only the back of the bk thats affected…. so its not that bad….
but still…. sigh…… my life.. :”(

anyway.. i better sleep now…


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