holiday =D=D=D

if only 4 5 days…
but its still a holiday =D

subway yesterday… 2 foot longs.. mmmmmmm
mental note: do not take southwest sauce again… :”(
it ‘spoilt’ my 2nd sub :”(:”(:”(

was playin q3 w/ wooi boy yesterday.. and this mornin… 12-4 :p:p abt that long :P hehehe funnnnn
that resulted in 5+ hrs of sleep only :P
got up at 9+. couldnt sleep. so just get up and try resolve my worms no cd crack woes…

y cant i find a worms no cd crack that works?!?!?!? :”(:”(
got the triple pack w/ worms2, worms world party and worms armageddon… none seem 2 work properly :”(:”(
try clean install….. sigh…

have 2 study later… maybe :p


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