sad sad life i lead.. :P

** Updated at 9:36:03 on 2004/01/21 **
in clubrm all alone doin duty on CNY eve :P
what am i doin 2nite??
back on IES forum duty :P
yup i just ‘had’ 2 set the deadline date 2day..
but at least it’ll give me time 2 get everything 2gether and all work out.. hopefully..

this 4 day ‘holiday’ is meant 4 working… so its CNY but… i have work 2 do..
nothing else 2 do anyway, except goin istana prolly on IES trip on fri i tink. not sure also :P

anyway, had 2 get change just now.. no more change in the cash box :'(
so had 2 keep ppl waiting outside just 2 get change from buyin 1 watermelon juice from the canteen :P

speaking of the canteen.. its was so packed!! :”( lots of stalls closed…
also the non ac canteen in pgp is closed from 1pm to friday i tink :|:|
waht 2 do?? live off the ‘junk’ in my rm :P
anyway, the mart is still open, so no worries.
worse comes 2 worse i live of frozen pizzas :P

eating my lunch in clubrm now… got noodles…. 4 some reason i cant find the chopsticks!! :”(:”(
so eating eat w/ the spoon provided.. this is life..

had comp graphics tut this morn. 8 ppl in the whole tut. was sitting in the front row w/ whalbar.. we were talkin alot :P:P
but we were the 1s who wrote the answers on the board.. for qtn 1 and 2 at least.. the tutor was the lecturer :|
hope thats not the case 4 all the tuts…
just check… the 1st 4 tuts is him :|
dont really like his style… jsut now when 1 guy asked him a qtn, all he had 2 do was say, ‘yes that can also be done’ but he didnt even directly answer the qtn at 1st… was saying this and that… said so many words that could be sumed up in a few words ‘yes u can’…
then ‘rushed’ over 2 engin for circuits lecture…
the lecturer was ‘slow’ as alwez… not bad tho.. can play in lecture and still understand :P
finished at abt 1130, finished a bit early due 2 the lecturer saying its CNY so he let us off early…

crap.. just came back from canteen again.. had 2 go get change again :”(:”(
know i dunno where 2 go if i want more change… went 2 both drink stalls already.. dunno if i got face 2 go 2 1 of them again w/ $50… :$
sigh.. what 2 do what 2 do.. just finished my lunch as well….

got 5 big boxes in the clubrm… containing soft toys and stuff 4 the fair… delivered yesterday…want 2 shoot a photo of the soft toys but 2 lazy 2 take the boxes down… (**updated** the boxes)
need 2 code php so enable image uploading 4 me :P
but lazy rite now… but maybe will do.. coz nothign better 2 do here in clubrm..
now 2 lazy 2 set up my own laptop also :P
so just usign the ies comp, staring at teh monitor i bought coz the old 1 was spoilt :”(
speaking of the monitor.. just got a cheque of $300+ for expenses of the club.. which was this monitor + vouchers for the IT comp as other small stuff that i cant really remmbr :P
dunno y like there is a scratch on the monitor screen!! :”(:”(
can really c it when im bloggin now :P
dang annoying… :”(
anyway.. i tink i go code my php script 2 enable me 2 upload photos so its easy 4 me when bloggin and ‘fun’ 4 u ppl 2 c :P
off 2 coding then….


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