been a long day :

** Updated at 8:25:26 on 2004/01/24 **
the post i was writing just got killed!!! lousy website that hung Opera!!!! :@:@:@:@ idiot… now have 2 retype everything again :”(:”(
dont even remember what i wrote :”(

been out since 1230 and just came back at abt 0030 :|
it was IES outing 2 Istana 2day. met w/ Rom and we left to Dhouby Ghout MRT station. it was raining so I borrowed 1 of Rom’s umbrellas.
the ppl supposed to go were KC, Zhiqiang, Tingyi, Rom, Gordon, Candy and me, but Candy cancelled last minute.. must be sleeping that pig :P
anyway we went to Burger King to eat lunch 1st and we didnt have any coupons so we approached the counter and they gave us coupons!!! well… not exactly us, i think it was Rom and Tingyi who actually got the coupons so “Thank you!!” :D:D

after lunch we went to the Istana and that was when I realised that I left Rom’s umbrella at the MRT station :$:$:$:$ Sorry :$:$
but we went to the Istanan anyway because we were in Q anyway… and it was not exactly a nice crowd (as shown below)

so strolled arnd the grounds of the Istana taking photos here and there.. then it started 2 rain!! :| so as ‘punishment’ 4 losing Rom’s umbrella i walked in the rain. after finding shelter we went into the presidential house i think, not too sure what its called :$ :P. every1 has to pay $2 to enter. walk in, no photographs allowed, and just strolled in and out of rooms. nothing much to really see in there tho.

after that we decided to leave. after a slight detour to a statue of Queen Victoria we went back to the MRT station w/ hope that Rom’s umbrella was still there.. well i guess it was me w/ the hope… a guilty conscience doesnt help :$
and yes.. it was not there :$:( so still feeling guilty…

anyway then we walked to Orchard trying to find a movie to watch. we tried Plaza Singapura but there was nothing really that good, only Peter Pan that we didnt really want to watch. we wanted to watch The Last Samurai but Rom said she was gonna watch it 2moro w/ her frens. I saw a poster advertising Garfield the movie.. wonder how that will turn out.. so finally get to another movie theatre and ends up that we watchin Peter Pan at 2150 :P life.. :P
anyway, after that will still like abt 4 hours till the show (at least i think it was 4 hrs.. cant really rmmbr) we went to Tingyi’s place :P
got a free dinner there hehe :P and my 1st ang pow in S’pre!!! :D:D
that reminds me.. i still havent opened it… maybe shld frame it up :P

Tingyi’s rm.. w/ her pink bedsheet!!! hehe
** pic of pink bedsheet ‘censored’ due to complaint from user :P **

left Tingyi’s place back to the movie theatre. watched P.Pan and at the end KC was ‘complaining’ abt this and that.. ends up me and Rom have 2 take a cab back to PGP coz we just missed the MRT i tink :”(

as they say time is $ and apparently this time, time was $10.80. well that was the fare 4 the cab. got back at abt 0030 and showered and now tired but not really sleepy surprisingly…

oh yea 4got 2 mention 1 thing. we had decide to buy popcorn for the movie since they gave us coupons, $1 off family combo. initially we bought 1 family combo at the stall just next to the ticket counter. got 2 large drinks and a large popcorn at $6.10. so then we went to the theatre to get our seats. we didnt think it was enought popcorn so we decided to get another family combo at the different stall which was just next to the theatre in which we were gonna sit. ordered the same family combo w/ the other coupon they gave us. this time it cost $5.50 but we only had tin drinks!!!! what the heck was this.. so inconsistent.. !*$!&$*(!&$*(!$

anyway.. 2moro (later) gonna be a long day. REALLY have to start studyin already :”(:”( cant afford anymore slacking :$


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