well… study days… as alwez

yup. been studyin 4 the past 2 days.
need 2 catch up on work and lectures that i skipped 4 the IES Fair 2004. :P

and yup.. i did survive on 2+hrs sleep that day (last day of ies fair 2004):|
all the way till abt 12 midnite..

well lets c what happend over the past few days.
the 1st day of the fair was wc3: TFT competition.
turn out was good despite the rain. some good matches. replays r downloadable from here from the IES website
2nd day was rainin as well but it was a good finals match :D
congrats 2 the winners and thank you 4 all the participants who played :D
gunbound competition was more exciting than i thought :P
but i tink i still prefer worms… grenade only match :P
speaking of worms.. i wanna play worms3d!!!! where sells it?? :'(

2 day nite i was doing security duty. the nite i slept 2 hrs.. spent the time clearing up the IES comp via remote desktop due to lack of HD space and also ended up playin q3 w/ wooi boy from like 5-7 i tink :P
q3 is fun… wanna have that in next ies fair :P

the last day it didnt rain so quite a lot of ppl came. the gunbound crowd was more than i expected :P skipped all my lectures on that day :P
then after the whole thing was over it was pack up time.
packed everything up then it was celebration time!!!
steamboat dinner at marina bay :D:D
came back that nite at abt 12..
the splet all the way till 12 the next afternn ;p
12 hrs sleep.. :P:P
12 + 2 = 14hrs for 2 days averaging out 2 abt 7 which is good enuf i tink :P

spent yesterday catchin up on work and 2day as well..
was kinda bored this morn esp w/ like 1.5gb free space of my HD.
so decided to move a few stuff on2 my external HD.. and then waht? get like 9+gb free!!!!! :P
hehe. so i installed max payne that i bought the other day, hehe.
wanna play that now :P but not much time :(.. just play bit by bit :D
anyway.. i tink i better sleep.. 2moro need 2 work more :'(:”(


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