finally!!! i said FINALLY!!!!!!

it works!!!! after hrs of frustration and @&*^!&*$^!&*$^! my opengl stuff actually works!!!! :D:D:D

lots of freaking *!&!^$&!^$! errors.. alwez had the linker error..
tried loads of stuff from getting files from the net, whalbar, cd, website…
initially i didnt have the opengl dll and glu lib and header files. finally got those and kept getting the freaking linker error w/ Dev-C++
i wasnt sure if the configuration and all that were correct so tried to get Borland C++BuilderX that i read works in some opengl tutorial that i cant seem 2 find anymore :”(:”(

i did what all the online faqs/ tutorials suggested i do.. and still it didnt work!!!! 1st of all they ALWEZ give configuration in Visual C++ so if u dont have that u r practically screwed… no real help 4 u… so here i am left on my own…
i downloaded the C++BuilderX like 3 times!!! the 1st 2 times using Stardownloader via the ftp site.. either somethings wrong w/ the ftp site giving a corrupt file or stardownloader is screwed up when it combines the files coz i got header errors and it couldnt unzip properly!!!! the file itself was 300+MB!!!!! thank goodness im on NUS network :P but still took like an hr 2 download…

so here in tutorial i was ‘bored’ and really wanting 2 get the thing working…
spent at least 3hrs yesterday tryin 2 debug the problem..
at least C++BuilderX gave useful error msgs. found out it was some problem w/ the lib files.. needed to convert them to omf format or something.
finally did that but it still didnt work… got some new error!! i was kinda happy coz at least i didnt have the usualy linker error.. but still it didnt work!!! :”(:”(
so decided to mix and match files as i have diff versions and diff files from diff sources… and FINALLY it works!!! heck i dont even know which files i am currently using but i DONT CARE!!! it works!! thats all i know hehe :D
so finally i can program opengl programs on my comp.. *phew*
hopefully this can save me for CS3241 Computer Graphics… well actually… maybe not :P
ok.. now better start paying attention 2 circuits tutorial :P
but at least its ‘easy’ :P:P


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