been busy…

have 2 be busy…
lots of work 2 catch up on :”(:”(
had comp graphics lab just now…
i really cant stand staring at a CRT 4 more abt 2hrs!!! get a headache :”(:”(
loooong day it has been.
9-11 tut. 11-12 break.
12-2 lecture. 2-5 lab.

been checking out
contemplating whether 2 join or not.. 4 CS at least
but the problems r…
1) no team
2) no training
3) no team
4) need team 2 train
5) no team
so.. in other words.. need a team…. :P
but also.. time is also a factor.. not sure if i can handle the competition which is supposed to be held like in the end of Feb.. when im having my mid terms!!!! then also core modules labs start next week :|
microP gonna pretty bad i tink.. 50% project :|
and need 2 learn assembly language…
not only that.. but need 2 do my OWN stuff :P
ok.. maybe im hoping 4 2 much.. but still..
i want time 4 myself… 2 do the stuff i want..
well.. i guess something has 2 be sacrificed :”(:”(

anyway… give myself another 5 min break b4 resuming work..
electronics :S:S:S also seems like i dunno how 2 do that!!! :”(:”(
and its a 3mc module… just hope its like signals :P.. well in a way… well… actually.. NO :P ahhhh watever….

not only that.. but a ‘scandal’ has arisen in the IES community in the NUS IVLE…. the problem is.. it kinda involves me.. :”(:”(
sigh.. life…
anyway.. resume my break :P


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