what a day its been

well.. my supposedly ‘free’ day has been turned kinda upside down 2day.
had make up tut for econs to replace the 1 missed due to this week’s holiday for hari raya haji. tut was like from 9-10.
then was a 1hr break till econs make-up lecture for the 1 missed 2 weeks ago on friday. used that break 2 help wooi boy buy his econs and discrete math txtbks b4 he went 4 tut at 11. new edition of discrete txtbk… the 1st thing i noticed was.. it wasnt green!!! :”(:”( its now blue!! :'( :P
anyway.. after lecture from 11-1 had lunch at engin then back 2 rm to work…
did work till abt 6.. then had 2 go off 4 dinner and nirun’s hall production – “Block Sale”. was nice seeing how it was my 1st play thingy i’ve attended (yep.. not much life i have here :P)

so just got back like 20min ago. need 2 go shower up and have a nice nites rest.
2moro have 2 work b4 goin off 2 zhenyang’s bbq bday party. hehe


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