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Try its.. interesting results… below is what it said abt me…
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Employment characteristics of Sheng Hwee
Sheng Hwee – Born: 25 November 1982     Gender: Male     Lunar Birth Date: 11  10  1982 (day/month/year)

Western Grid Chinese (Lunar) Grid
22 5 8
  9 2
8 1111  

The two grids above are called Numerology Grids.  The numbers from Sheng Hwee’s birth date – his Gregorian calendar birth numbers – are inserted into the Western Grid in certain positions.  His birth date is then converted into the Chinese lunar calendar, and the equivalent Lunar birth date numbers are inserted into the Chinese Grid, but in different positions.  In this way the Chinese and Western numerological interpretations complement each other.

Character, personality and employment characteristics are gleaned from the position of those numbers in each grid, the quantity of each number, and the lack of numbers. Comments on each number (or sets of numbers) are recorded below.  Green arrows represent positive characteristics derived from having three numbers in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), whilst red arrows represent somewhat negative characteristics derived from three blanks in a row.  Be aware that to read numerology grids accurately takes a lot of practice, and before acting on what you see here you should study the whole subject in much greater detail.  Nor should you disregard the profound influence of genetics and upbringing.

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Ki System

Natal Year number:  9
A cheerful soul, Sheng Hwee is an attractive individual whose humour and charm can inspire others to follow his ideas.  Although his active brain can generate many bright ideas, he cannot be guaranteed to finish one idea before starting on the next.  Although money tends to burn a hole in his pocket, Sheng Hwee will always maintain the impression that all is well.

Natal Month number:  5
A realist who brings a practical approach to problem solving, Sheng Hwee’s confident outlook will soon lead him to a position of leadership.  Because he has developed fixed views on the important things of life, Sheng Hwee has an inner core of confidence that will at times make him appear stubborn.  Yet such a trait is so well balanced with the gentle side of his nature, that his personality appeals to a wide audience.

Natal House number:  9
Sheng Hwee will work better in attractive surroundings that complement his appearance and character.  A natural charmer with good taste and a sense of humour, Sheng Hwee has the potential to be an inspirational leader in the workplace.  Although a good “people person”, he tends to let money slip through his fingers all too fast.

Comments based on Western Grid

Although Sheng Hwee is often outgoing and chatty, he can at times be quite introspective.  He may not of course see himself as an entertainer, but he nevertheless has all the qualities needed for the stage.  He may seem shy on interview, but put him on a platform with an audience, and you will see the benefits that he can bring to any employment that demands such skills.
Highly intelligent and acutely sensitive, Sheng Hwee is a good judge of other people’s motives and character.  He enjoys high intelligence, and with a number 7 (in the Western Grid) he would be suited to a vocation in the priesthood.  Sensitive to the needs of others, Sheng Hwee should be employed to the benefit of those who lack the advantages enjoyed by others.
Well-balanced, with an understanding and compassionate nature, Sheng Hwee is a natural leader who can inspire others.  But he needs a certain amount of freedom at work and at home.  With a compassionate and caring nature, and with the ability to get on well with others, Sheng Hwee will be a strong member of any team and will provide solid inspiration and support to his colleagues.
Good with details and with a methodical approach, Sheng Hwee nevertheless is someone who enjoys constant new challenges to maintain his interest.  He is a methodical individual with attention to detail, but is inclined to leave tasks unfinished if his active mind alights on something of greater interest.  Routine tasks that fail to challenge his intellect are at greatest risk, so Sheng Hwee needs a job that offers variety.
Ambitious to improve his lot, Sheng Hwee will constantly push forward to achieve something in his life, yet this ambition will be balanced by humanitarian ideals that will lead him to support causes that may demand self-sacrifice.
[The Arrow of Determination: the numbers 1, 5 and 9]  Determined and persistent, Sheng Hwee has the patience to wait until he has achieved his goal.  He enjoys a progressive and enterpreneurial approach, and as such, will be an asset to any employer.  If the number 4 (in the Western Grid) is missing, he will be inclined to lose his temper on occasions.
[The Arrow of Emotional Balance: the numbers 2, 5 and 8] Understanding and compassionate, Sheng Hwee is well-balanced.  He possesses sound leadership qualities that are of use in a wide variety of jobs.  With an understanding and compassionate nature, Sheng Hwee can appreciate the views of others, and thus gain the respect of the community in which he lives or works.

Comments based on Chinese Grid

Sheng Hwee is obsessed with making money.  He may lack fun, but will work for as long as it takes to secure wealth.
Sheng Hwee has an average mind, and without the numbers 4 and 9 in the Chinese version will not enjoy a creative existence.
In the absence (in the Chinese version) of the numbers 1 and 6, he will be good with money and details.  He will be happier if the Chinese grid includes the numbers 5 and 7.
Although Sheng Hwee is ambitious, his ambition is tempered with humanitarian ideals.
[The Arrow of Suspicion: acking the numbers 4, 5 and 6]   Sheng Hwee is a cynic who worries too much about the downside.  He needs to recognise more of life’s advantages.
[The Arrow of Loneliness: Lacking the numbers 3, 5 and 7]   Sheng Hwee is so determined to achieve his objectives that he does so at the expense of all else, including friends, family, love and laughter.

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