its been a long time

didnt realised its been so long since i last posted..
2 busy w/ microP project…
at least its 95+% done now. did a few minor changes and will go test out in lab 2moro. hopefully it works all fine and i can wrap it up. 50% of the final grade on a project that has to be done in abt 1 month and they dont teach u squat. all they really do is give a lab supplement that helps mainly the serial port ppl and not the parallel port ppl…. and guess which 1 i am in? parallel… just my luck.. but maybe it was just my luck coz serial had a lot of software which was pretty hard to debug i tink.. not 2 sure. i did my project w/ very simple code… but at least the serial ppl will learn more code-wise compared to parallel ppl i think… and that would be good 4 their finals…

still need 2 study 4 EDM test coming on fri :| 10% of final grade so its not that bad.. but there’s negative marking.. so i wont be surprised if i get a negative grade if the lower limit wasnt 0 :P
and EDM lab which i tink is another 10% or even possibly 15% like lab1 :|

at least at the end of next week life will be easier..
only 1 last lab for computer graphics the week after that i think and no more core modules labs after next week, leaving my afternns free :D
but then exams r coming :|:|:|
and need 2 really start workin :'(

anyway.. off 2 do tuts then study 4 edm… :”(


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