** Updated at 18:33:56 on 2004/03/29 **
CamStudio has been sold 2 Macromedia i guess :(:(
was using that last time 2 record stuff of the comp screen and convert it 2 video files. was pretty good but now its ‘gone’ as in its not FREE anymore :'(:”(

found an alternative tho. Bulent’s Screen Recorder. found out abt it a long time ago, but nvr used it cause had camstudio installed already so y bother rite?
also the UI is very mouse orientated.. so didnt really like it, but its good and FREE!!!!
just hope i dont get problems like i did w/ camstudio, like audio out of sync and unable to edit recorded video. but Bulent’s Screen Recorder seems better i tink, coz last time w/ Camstudio, if u were to record the whole screen, comp would suffer major lag… but BSR had no problem recording a maximized window which is pratcially the whole screen… but not ‘confirmed’ if this is indeed true or not, but its FREE and good so no real complaints :p hehe

really need 2 set up a software archive on my website and a module so that i can edit, update it. holiday, wait 4 the hols…

been a long day 2… out since 830. back at 11+ :'(
9-10 tut, 4-6 lect. in between was supposed 2 work but not very effective :'(:”(
then at nite residence supper.. sigh.. better go sleep now.. tut at 10.. sigh.. need 2 start EDM 2day.. :”(:”(
‘somebody save me……’ :”(

stuff i gotta read but have no time right now :'(
MS preps WinCE 5.0 preview
Microsoft Releases Beta of Windows CE 5.0
An Overview of Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
Microsoft unveil Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition


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