3 thoughts on “exam… uhhhh 2day =|=|

  1. I dun balme Creative. I blame the stupid people who might do things like that. Just like I dun blame Garg for saying, “You can wirte on any 6 sides of an A4 size paper”. Its the stupid girl who I blame cos she’s dumb enough not to get it. Sigh, what is the world coming to these days??

  2. but still… they shld have forseen things like that could happen…
    if they had a ‘please dont try this at home’ warning like they do 4 wrestling :P i would understand.. but from the looks of it, i guess they dont have it else why else would there be a complaint


  3. Ya if thats the way then they should put such labels on evertything is it? Like McD saying that contents of its coffee cup are hot. I mean come on. Why do people need warnings on every single thing?

    Reminds me of the thing we saw this on a packet of salt. “Warning contains salt”. I mean DUH…what else would it contain????

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