what the !*($&!*^$&@*^$&*!@$ CRAP!!!!!

sp1 installing more than 1/2 way.. then windows gives me a setup.exe error and it closes!!!!!
WHAT THE HECK!&*#!$(*!&$*(@!&$*(@!!!!!!!
DIE M$ DIE!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “what the !*($&!*^$&@*^$&*!@$ CRAP!!!!!

  1. I’m sorry..but things can still go downward for me…went grocery shopping and like knock over a stack of mp3 players….also knock into a person also…i dun even want to remember that….the effects of depression….

  2. Awwwww…Somebody is so depressed that he cant even walk properly. Dont worry, we are with you.

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