results in 3 days…

** Updated at 13:59:07 on 2004/05/17 **
** Updated at 12:51:42 on 2004/05/17 **
and im SICK!!! :”(:”(:”(
got up this morn w/ a sore throat and feeling all warm and groggy :”(:”(

still got stuff 2 do :(
nvrmnd rest.. rest.. might take a jog behind pgp 2 sweat it out.
worked once b4, hopefully it’ll work again

stuff im trying 2 dld
Starsiege: Tribes Full Game
DOOM 3 E3 2004 Trailer
Half-Life 2 E3 2004 Demo Video
Unreal E3 2004 Engine Demonstration

stuff i need/want 2 do
1) internship stuff which involves ASP, VBScript and/or Javascript
2) add stuff 2 my website even tho the forum seems dead..
3) java programming – java GUI, making an actual program, J2ME
4) get a phone!!! my display of my phone is shot, so need 2 get a phone preferably w/ Bluetooth and Java capabilities and NO camera (actually the Nokia n-gage fits the bill but since a new model is coming out i might as well wait 4 that :P)
The following are the possible phones i would get
Nokia N-Gage
Nokia 3650 – ‘problem’ is that it has a camera
Nokia 6230 – camera as well
Nokia 6600 – camera yet again
Nokia 6820 – dont like the qwerty keyboard thingy and camera as well
Sony Ericsson Z600 – camera as well
Sony Ericsson T610 – camera…
Sony Ericsson T630 – camera….
Motorola V600 – camera yet again…

y is it so hard 2 find a phone w/ java and bluetooth but NO camera??…

turn a disposable camera into a electric shocker
Flying Car more economical than SUV – but who really cares abt that fact? FLYING CAR!!!!!! i want 1!!! :D:D
I was introduced to social engineering thru thebroken and heres another
article abt 1 social engineer

i just love this Opera 7.5 skin
for those who havent tried 7.5 official version u can download it here

P-P-P-PowerBook for a S-S-S-Scammer…
Slashdot | Scamming the scammer – fun read haha
long tho


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