doing 1 of the things i love 2 do….

** Updated at 6:57:45 on 2004/06/06 **
well.. more like i have 2 do now.. :P
installing applications that i’ve downloaded but nvr installed :P
i mean they keep piling up over and over.
i visit a site, c something i like, i download..
i do sometimes install them after i download, but after a while i just download 4 me to come back 2 it on another day…
2day is that ‘another day’ :P
i know i shld be working on IES stuff, but im lazy :P

oh yea.. i 4got 2 mention i tried out the n-gage qd at the expo..
looks better than the original n-gage however it was tryin 2 use it as a phone, which didnt turn out very intuitive at all… dpds 2 much on a 2 handed grip i think, so i guess its back 2 the old drawing board of finding a phone.. or maybe not.. i saw the Sony Ericsson T610 going for 145 i tink w/ a 2 yr plan, price dropped from last time :D
so it mite have a camera there which i dont really like, but heck its a phone w/ hopefully more usability as a phone that the n-gage qd :P

===ADDED 12:57 PM 6/6/2004===
ok i just have 2 say that i love this ftp client!!! ftpwanderer
its small, it comes in a zip file w/o any installation!!! :D:D
and it gives me what i need!!!! woohoo!!!!! score another 1 for the small and good software collection i have :D:D

back 2 the search 4 good software :P


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