to those who know billy bob

** Updated at 16:06:39 on 2004/07/15 **
well half of billy bob at least.
here’s an animated gif of him drinking a can of something. :P
bhavi boy drinking - animated gif
yes i was bored :P
and i wanted to do it for a long time so it finally comes now.

dial up is pathetic :'(:'(
i need my broadband!!!! soon!!! :'(
anyway. back to work…

oh yeah. another thing.
im on google!!!!!
but its my old site!!!!
can you believe it? i was logged into my account on this site and it asked if i wanted to be listed. so i agreed and it shows up with my OLD account!!!!
only reason is because both accounts are under tripod hosting i guess
now just need to change the old blog. do that sometime.
sometime now i tink :P


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