In a sucky mood right now

Had the IES screening today. Wasnt as ‘bad’ as I expected but was ok. Wasted 40min in line while waiting for print jobs to be sent in school. And I was 3rd in queue. Printing under SengCity just plain sux crap now. Well at least from the computers at engin side. Takes so freaking long to send the print jobs to the printers. I NEVER recalled having this problem before EVER. The worse I had was some guy printing pratically a ream of paper full of notes. And it was like multiple copies. Some idiot and his friend never print notes and then comes an open book test then they print the note. Freaking idiots. Then there’s the fire drill later. More time wasting. I havent had a decent rest in quite a while. Life sux. No mood to do anywork. Well time to binge on ice cream then….


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