** Updated at 5:57:56 on 2004/10/03 **
When I came back from class just now.
9-11 Networks lab
12-1 System & Controls tutorial
2-3 Engineering Professionalism tutorial
3-5 System & Controls lecture
5 EE3001 meeting
6 Come back to room with no mood to do any work
Played a bit of Counter-Strike and now back in the mood to work :D:D

Hamsters are deadly
Killer hamster ices owner
100GB email :P
Strangely a few articles about IE in the news: What’s missing in Microsoft IE?
IE–embraced, extended, extinct?
Personally I use and prefer Opera, but I do admit Firefox is good to.
Half-life 2 coming out soon :D
Ok better get to work before the mood dies away :p


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