Just back

Cousing in town, so ended up having dinner with him, uncle and aunt and Tony Roma’s: Famour for Ribs. Nice ribs I have to say :D
After that went to play pool as we always end up doing due to my cousin’s ‘obssession’ to play and beat me. He hasn’t beat me much despite my lack of playing while I’m here. I play like maybe 5 or 6 times a year since I came to Singapore. Played quite a lot when I’m back home. Well most of my wins involve lots of kalokness (luckiness) :P
After that went to Burger King when my cousing took the Swiss mushroom meal. Then went looking for a taxi and walked passed Parco Junction where they have this broadway thingy (Broadway Christmas @ PARCO – Sales Promotions and Broadway Musicals). Watched them practise a while as we ate McDonald’s 25c ice cream cone :P Then took a cab back. It was a Mercedes cab :D:D Nice and comfortable. At first life was being itself when we got to the front of the queue and suddenly the taxi’s just disappear. None. Zilch. That’s life for you. But then it gave a nice unsuspecting twist :D Anyway I’m off to shower now


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