Now that was scary

Left my laptop on last night and when I woke up I found the screen to be off, so I thought at least. So I tried moving the mouse around but the screen did not turn on. Then I realised that I could see something on the screen. I saw the windows I had open and realised that my screen was dead =|=|=| Backlight dead :”( So hooked it up to my junior’s desktop monitor. For some reason I adjusted my laptop screen and *poof* like magic it was working again =| Now I have to say that was a scary experience. This is after I saw my laptop ‘blink’ at least times yesterday. The screen was on, then it ‘blinked’: the monitor screen turned all black for like half a second then came back on. And this is also after I’ve had ‘flickering’ problems with my display where the brightness just changes slightly. And that has happened like 3 or 4 times while posting this…sigh…. On the brighter side I’ll probably buy an monitor (hopefully LCD screen =D) if the screen does die, or better yet I’ll buy a whole new desktop / laptop =D. Crap just ‘flickered’ again. I think I’m still under warranty though :P But arent excuses fun to buy new stuff? :P


2 thoughts on “Now that was scary

  1. Dont remind me :”( At least still under warranty :P
    So hoping it dies soon or something. Well not hoping but uhhh dunno.
    If it dies get new comp or just wait while it gets fixed? =|

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