‘Merry’ Christmas?

Well first of MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!!
Now for the not so merry christmas for me.
My screen is flickering for extended periods of time. What used to be 3 or 4 flickers have turned into 30 second episodes :”(:”(
Currently while I’m typing this its okay. But it was in a mean cycle just now. Long flickering episode, nice normal screen for like 2 seconds then another long flickering episode and so on….
So looks like I can’t/won’t be getting much work done unless I buy another laptop or computer. I can’t use other computers as well as I can use mine. ‘Everything’ I need is installed on my laptop and I know where I can get everything I need. With using another computer I have to 1) install all the necessary programs if I can indeed install programs and 2) customize my settings and such and its just such a pain… sigh…
Picking up my friend’s LCD on Monday from repair. I wonder if I should buy a new laptop or send my laptop for repair or just use it with the LCD. But when my friend comes back I’ll have to return the LCD leaving me with only my junior’s computer which I’m using to host the CSalpha server. Think I want to buy another laptop but it’s best to wait for matriculation fair which is 1 semester away :| Good news its that my laptop is still under warranty. 3 years warranty *phew*
Life… need to backup stuff tomorrow just in case


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