EE3208 Embedded Computer Systems

That seems to be the only thing on my mind these few days…. Not by choice.
Wire wrapping the board and it takes so freaking long!!! :'(

Very rewarding module, in the sense that you actually LEARN in the module (something very different from other modules I have to sadly say)……
If you have the time that is.

Anyway maybe I should get back to wire wrapping. Maybe 1/5 of the way there? Night after night wire wrapping. I still need to the the report :|:'(
EE2001 and EE3208. Thats all I will be thinking of this weekend :(
Through in a bit of EE4210 Computer Communications Networks II and we have an ‘enjoyable’ weekend =D :P

Have a nice night people =)


One thought on “EE3208 Embedded Computer Systems

  1. meikit: whoa! din know u take this combo! hahaha. but u dun stay in hall rite? so it’s easier for u, dun hav to do hall activities. imagine IHG period…super super super busy!!!!

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