1 heck of a week

Been busy doing EE2001 (the remote controlled boat) and EE4210 networks 2 projects. EE2001 is pretty simple. Got the communications part working in a day =D Something my friend failed to do for a few weeks……. grrrrrr
Networks project doesnt seem to be added much more from the demo. This is due to the fact that there was a lot of code to clean up but now things seem pretty good. Things starting finally seems to be getting better =D
But I still have EE3208 Embedded Computer Systems project to do =|
At least I opted for the S/U (satisfactory / unsatisfactory) option so that I wont affect my average =D=D But the project is still =|
Been doing EE2001 report as draft is due at the end of the month. I think I’ve done the template and half of my part. A few more hours and it’ll be done, at least for my part =D
And next week it just has to be the 1st week where there is a quiz in EE2011 Electromagnetism tutorials :”( At least the question is from the previous tutorial =P And the 2nd part of the module which is being taught now is a lot of ‘sub in equation’ questions. Thats ‘good’ in the sense that you dont have to study much, but ‘stupid’ in the fact that you dont learn much by doing that.
Anyway I better relax for a while before getting back to work. Maybe :P


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