One less thing to do

** Updated at 19:46:33 on 2005/07/05 **
I hope. Finished work on a CS plugin that I hope to use soon. Man I can’t sleep well back home. I want to go back to Singapore…
Can’t sleep so end up going through the day without a particularly (spelling?) good mood and I don’t take afternoon naps as threw screw up my sleep timings. But then again as if my sleep timing aren’t ackward enough as they are already huh?
Yesterday I finally finished sorting out my folder which stores all the applications and stuff I’ve downloaded but never installed. Phew what a relief to see only 2 columns worth of files compared to like 20 :| All thats left to be done is transferring them over to my external hard disk.

Sigh… Dear dear’s computer is dead?
|  RIP  |   ?????
|       |
Chinmay went over to take a look at it (thanks again man) and it seems like the hard disk is dead :( So no nightly chats with my dear online until I go back to Singapore :'(:'( Miss you darling. Take care of yourself and love you
Speaking of that I was supposed to call the travel agency today but I forgot… Better remember later because I’m trying to get the Saturday flight.
On a sad note my laptop no longer just flickers anymore. The screen kind of fuzzed out!!!! Thank goodness it was only for a little while. Man whatever they did the last time my screen flickered doesn’t seem to be enough. They said they changed the graphics card. Wonder if they’ll change the screen for me, which is what I’m hoping for as there are a few stains of Soya Milk with Jasmine Green Tea on the lower left hand portion of the screen :$ :P



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