What do you know?

We won! :D
[N]dt has won iPlay Counter-Strike: Source. Though we were playing as a foreigner team and can’t represent NUS. That sucks. We had to foreigners me and grim. Aaaaahhh wasted. Prize ceremony tomorrow evening but I cant go because I have my Alpha course in the evening. Aaaaahhhh :P Sister will also be in town tomorrow. Need to bring her and her boyfriend to Sim Lim Square :D
Anyway the way it was that in the 1 match we started off as Terrorist playing de_dust2. 15-0 without a sweat. 2nd half we won the 1st round so its 16-0. 2nd match which is sadly the finals was on de_cbble starting as Counter Terrorist. 14-1 in the first half. 2nd half we won the 1st 2 rounds so it was 15-1. I have to say the standard was pretty low but I also have to say that my team was super good. Considering I think I was the worst out of the lot compared to the rest as this was my FIRST real competition. Man I’ve been missing out on a lot of fun. Good game guys.

I welcome that more clubs are organizing LAN competitions and I like the fact that they tried to make it big. However I pity the shop vendors as the traffic was very low due to it being held in the multi purpose sports hall so people have to make a conscious decision to actually go down there and see whats going on compared to places like the Science foyer or Arts forum which is accessible by anybody with lessons near there.

Things to rant about :P First of all I have to say that all the publications advertising iPlay I remember seeing “WarCraft 3: Frozen Zone”. And I also dont understand why they capitalize the ‘c’ in “Warcraft” (though it is there in the “Warcraft” header at the WCG website though in the context its not capitalized). They also copied the game details from the WCG website. Since when did CSS have “over 20 new missions”. Heck when did it have any missions at all. Shame to the people who did the WCG site. I believe that you should verify all your data when doing things like this that will be presented to anybody as it reflects badly on the site/company or whatever. And the iPlay publication the word from the editor (or somebody I can’t remember) on the first page. I dont know where they copied the text from but there was like a ‘ö’ character at the end of the game names, eg Need for Speedö. I guess they copied the TM / ® sign from somewhere and it ended up like that. Perhaps it could have been the printers fault as well. But still have to say Need for Speedö is funny :P

Anyway I’m hungry, tired and sleepy. Have Philips FYP meeting tomorrow as well all the way in Toa Payoh :p Go eat and relax a bit then FYP mode


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