** Updated at 4:37:23 on 2005/09/03 **
Rudely awakened this morning by a phone call. I was wondering who could it be so ‘early’ in the morning. It was a guy saying that my laptop is ready for collection :D Then… He called again about 10 minutes later saying that I cant collect because this is my 2nd laptop purchase and that I have to get a letter from the Computer Centre. He said I have to go to the Computer Centre for them to delete the software in my laptop. WTH! Why should they have to do anything with my old laptop, I’ve formatted it several times and don’t even have any NUS software on it. Anyway any software downloaded from Web shopping still needs to be on the network to run, at least thats how it worked with Matlab that I downloaded off there. Pathetic and stupid policy. NUS Computer centre you suck

Forgot to mention. Thanks to NUS’s 5 day week the Computer Centre is closed. NUS you suck too


5 thoughts on “WTH!!!!

  1. Mathlab’s license can be hosted on local computer. That’s how I run it on my computer. I downloaded it off NUS’ network and have it hosted on my local harddrive, doesn’t have to fight with other students during peak period. I learned that NUS license has a limit of simultaneous users.

    Though this is infringing the license, but still we can do it.

    – uzyn.com

  2. Cool….I had heard of this before…..but not too sure…Btw which file/s do u have to copy over???…:p

  3. Yes it is infringing but I feel its justified. Heck I would do the same. As long as you just keep it for school work. I even heard that people leave MATLAB running on all day long just so as to prevent ‘there are too many users currently using MATLAB, please try again later’ message. I tried playing around with the config the last time myself but didnt get it to work.


  4. Sorry hasn’t been checking out your blog for the past few days. It’s the .dat file, btw, if I’m not mistaken.

    Oh yeah, it’s license.dat

    Just a small little file.

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