And so

Just like that and there’s 1 exam left. And 1 FYP assesment as well.
Went to watch WCG at Suntec yesterday after I took my flu vaccination jab. Got there about 1630-ish. First thing I didnt like was the long escalator rides up. Its on the top floor I think. Getting on escalator after escalator after escalator got me kind of restless especially since I’ve never been to such a big event before (so I guess I was kind of ‘sakai’/’swakoo’/ignorant).
After I got in just took a quick look around. Gamers playing on the right, in the middle is the main stage event with chairs for spectators, on the left lots of booths and stuff and on the far left there was commentary for a WC3 game. I came just in time actually to watch Singapore’s CS:S team, TitaNs, beat South Korea’s MaveNCrew in a 16-4 win. After losing the first 3 rounds they had a 14-0 streak if I’m not mistaken. Apparently TitaNs are playing their match now against Canada’s Team_EG. All the best Singapore. Don’t know why I’m supporting Singapore but I guess I should since I’m here for the moment and that Singapore is hosting the games so that I can actually watch it LIVE :D:D:D Anyway better get reading and off to church. Have a good weekend people. Study well and all the best


2 thoughts on “And so

  1. They play crap like Dead or Alive Ultimate while Street Fighter 3: Third Strike gets left in the ditch. Mainstream gamers are idiots…


  2. Its probably only there because its Xbox and possibly playable w/ Xbox live. It is after all cyberaltheletes. SF3: TS playable online?


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